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What if your assessment tools could accurately measure student understanding on the spot, with maximum class participation?

  • Track progress through instant feedback as well as scores tallied over time.
  • Download student results into spreadsheets and lesson plans, for clear achievement records.
  • Place handsets anywhere in the storage tray to renumber automatically.
  • Ensure student accuracy, since only appropriate answer buttons light up.
  • Choose teacher-led or self-paced testing.
  • Count on excellent testing options for all grades.
  • Easily import standard tests and publisher's content.
  • Take advantage of the system's compatibility with Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Each handset has a Lithium-Ion battery which recharges when placed in storage tray.

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What if you knew when your students "got it"?
  • Get real-time results and eliminate manual test correction.
  • Chart your students' progress anytime.
  • Quick-poll students during a lesson to see who's getting it and who needs a little more help.
Configure quizzes and tests to fit your needs.
  • Use MimioStudio templates or Microsoft PowerPoint to create a teacher-led or self-paced test with your own content.
  • Import state-standardized question banks and publisher's content.
The MimioVote assessment is portable, expandable, and convenient.

  • Move it between classrooms in its sturdy carrying case.
  • Comes with 32 handsets.
  • Combine MimioVote trays to test larger groups.
  • Never replace batteries - you save time and money and reduce waste


MimioVote 32
(32 Handsets)

(part #: 1762266)

Standard Pricing $2,499.00

  • Educational institutions enjoy a significant discount from the manufacturer. Please contact us for educational pricing.
  • All orders incur a 3% charge on the total face value for shipping.
  • All credit card orders incur a 2.75% charge.

    Our Objective is to give our customers high quality products at competitive prices, backed up by superb service.

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